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Left to right-Ronen Goldberg, California State Champion and Bob Hanscom, LAAC Squash Professional

Feather manufactures the highest quality squash rackets and accessories available to the worldwide squash playing community today! We use superior materials and the latest technology in all of our products. Some of the best male and female players in the world (of all ages) endorse Feather. Our rackets undergo extensive quality control and are tested by top professionals before reaching the hands of the squash playing public. We also offer a limited manufacturer’s warrantee on all our “Pro” series rackets.

The “Feather Squash Racket” project was launched in 1998 from Los Angeles, California. Organized by LAAC Squash Professional Bob Hanscom, The Los Angeles Athletic Club inaugurated the birth of Feather sponsored tournaments. Feather has now become one of the most recognized and preferred rackets available to the enthusiastic squash playing community. Today, Feather boasts representation in more than ten countries and is endorsed by at least 50 world-class professional players. “During these five years, we have had remarkable growth and an increased demand for Feather products,” said M.H. Moustafa, Feather’s President. “Those squash players who use and endorse our products are our most valuable promoters.”

To view the list of Feather products, please visit our web site “Product” section.

We are proud to be:

  • Co-sponsor of the 2003 Los Angeles Athletic Club “Evening With Peter Nicol”
  • For the past five years, the official racket of the Epstein Becker and Green USSRA Men’s Professional Squash Championships.
  • The 2000 USSRA National Junior Championships co-sponsor
  • The official racket of The Southern California Squash Racquets Association
  • A co-sponsor of the 1998 Al-Ahram Grand Prix
  • The official product sponsor of over 40 squash tournaments worldwide.
  • Endorsed by at least 50 well-recognized squash professionals worldwide.

The following Elite players currently or have formally endorsed Feather rackets and related products:

  • Stefan Casteleyn: Former PSA ranking of #7 in the world, five-time Belgian National Champion and 2000 USSRA Professional Champion.
  • Borja Golan: Spanish National Champion and highest PSA ranking of # 42 in the world
  • Ronen Goldberg: Five time Israeli National and California State Professional Champion
  • Michelle Alvarez: 2001 US 25+ National Champion
  • Juan Castilla: Former Colombian Junior Champion
  • Sally Norgate: Former Canadian Junior Champion and US teaching professional
  • Britt Hebden: Top USA National Junior Player
  • Casey and Lorine Riley: Top US Junior players.
  • Raneem Wilily: 2000-03 Under 15 Junior British Open Champion
  • Shahenda O. El Baddan: Junior British Open Champion.
  • Nihal Yahya: Junior British Open Finalist
  • Mohammed Abbas: 2002-03 highest PSA ranking of #20 in the world
  • Eric Galvez: 2001-02 Pan American Federation and Mexico’s National Champion
  • Gulmast Khan: 2001 US 50+ National Champion
  • Sandy Bell - France
  • Sunny Hunt - Austalia
  • David Cuckierman - Australia
  • Lucky Odeh - Nigeria
  • M. M. Morsi - Egypt
  • Karim Yehia - Egypt
  • Ahmed M. Hamza -Egypt
  • James Powley - England
  • Bob Giddings MBE - England

Feather business partnerships are available. For more information, please contact: Featherspo@aol.com

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